Monday, October 29, 2012

Introductory note

Well here it is, my humble attempt to establish myself in the blogosphere. Although I have been toying with the idea of starting one for some time now, I admit that I have no clear intentions for it other than a medium for whatever insights I might think are worth sharing. In spite of this disclaimer, I imagine that many posts will revolve around my experiences teaching English in South Korea (an adventure which will hopefully begin within the next month or two), my qualms with modern society, and/or my fascination with history and philosophy. To anyone who might find interest in my opinions on these topics, I invite you to follow me on what I hope is a unique collection of one man's experiences.

As I mentioned above, creating a blog has been a goal of mine for the past few months. More than once, I sat down with the intention of starting one only to then get stuck on the first step: coming up with a name. Finally, I landed on "Disco Vivendo," which is Latin for "I learn by living." If you didn't study Latin in school, you might not care that "Vivendo" is in the ablative form and are probably more surprised that "Disco" predates the synthesizer by about two-thousand years; if you did study Latin, you might argue that I should have used the present participle "Vivens" instead. To this hypothetical, gerund-hating snob I would say get over yourself, no one cares about the foundations of grammar besides you and me... and you are hypothetical.

More to the point, and what I assume most readers will be concerned with, is the English translation: I learn by living. I finally decided on this because it is probably one of the most fundamental and tautological ideas I could come up with. To put it another way, it's impossible to learn if you aren't living.

To sum it all up, I learn by living and this blog will be a reflection on whatever real-life experiences I may have learned from.

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